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Sump Pump System

With every waterproofing system, you're going to need a sump pump to handle the pressure. Sump pumps are designed to grab excess water through interior drains and pump them through your homes' sewage lines, or towards the exterior of your yard. These unique systems have been around of decades to help homeowners with basement waterproofing and flood-prevention. However, these are no longer a stand-alone waterproofing system that can protect against leaks and floods, and concrete destabilization. They are always combined with our waterproofing drains to mitigate water as well as disposing it. This includes our interior drains and exterior drains which pair well together - provided by the same brand.

Moldy Basement

Benefits of Our Sump Pumps

Our sump pumps always comes with two pumps installed within the same basin. This helps with protection against a failed pump - where one pump loses power or breaks, the other can continue working. Working together, these pumps can drain just about any amount of water. Basements that flood on a regular basis will benefit greatly from a sump pump. They're always installed underground and below your basement floor level to help collect water more efficiently.

Emergency Fail-Safe

Sump pumps work off of electricity, which begs the question of emergency uses. While sump pumps may normally run on household electricity without any safeguards, our sump pump includes a battery backup package for emergency purposes. When rough weather occurs with heavy rain-fall and flooding conditions, powerlines are subject to break or fail. Isn't this the time you truly need your sump pump to work? With a battery backup included in our sump pump, you'll remain protected as your pump continues to work on the portable battery power. The battery is built to last throughout the night to continue water protection during a storm, and can be recharged. This is our emergency fail-safe for better flood prevention.

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