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Exterior Drain Systems

When you have a rare case of extreme water conditions surrounding your home, you're going to need an exterior waterproofing system that can help with the additional load. Exterior drains help address the most dire of circumstance where water has dominated the soil surrounding your basement wall, causing flooding and other structural after-effects of highly weak soil. When water reaches to subterranean levels underneath your basement floor, it's necessary to have a basement waterproofing system that goes deeper into the soil. With basement flooding, you have to be incredibly careful that the problem doesn't worsen over time and leave your home vulnerable to more expensive damages.

Our Exterior Waterproofing Systems

We have only one system that uses exterior draining methods to assist in massive amounts of water mitigation. With basement flooding especially, exterior drains will alleviate this problem and keep the water contained, controlled, and drained properly. Deciding to install this system depends on how severe you're flooding and water leaks may be. Our basement waterproofing specialists always perform a complete inspection and diagnosis before recommending which system we use.

Complete Waterproofing System

Our complete waterproofing system is a combination of our best products mixed with the multi-flow system. The multi-flow system is like a traditional french drain, only better. The way it's designed in conjunction with our interior drain systems is that it allows for a seamless stream of water flow without any debris build-up or potential blockages. With our complete waterproofing system with exterior drain, you're basement is almost impervious to any amount of water and flooding.

Why Exterior Drains Work Under Pressure

Our multi-flow system has a three-stage process when excessive amounts of water have become over-whelming. Three different pipes for three different levels of rising water tables help mitigate the amount of flow. It would take a considerable amount of water to overwhelm this system. That being said, it's a fail-safe exterior waterproofing drain that handle just about every extreme case of potential flooding. By flowing the water from underneath your basement and outwards away from your home keeps your foundation stable and strong, and your basement dry.

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