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Certified Basement Waterproofing Company Specialists Within Gerton, NC

Our team is certified experts that administers remedies for flooding, concrete cracks, and flooded drains. For each of our waterproofing systems, we utilize a very specific system installation that provides solutions for different severities of basement water. In every situation we encounter, our specialists prioritizes the most critical aspects such as safeguarding against excess water, water draining, basement wall protection, and preventing more water problems. With our contracting team granting basement waterproofing, we can make wet basements in Gerton, NC into a more adequate, safe, and dry living space for many decades down the road.

A Professional Basement Waterproofing Company

After many years of experience, our company is considered a trusted business of basement waterproofing services and drain systems. We truly wish to help families with a caring attitude, and strive to provide excellent waterproofing services with precision and accuracy. If you're experiencing a situation of hardship, we try to express as much empathy as we can to help homeowners through these problems. With our waterproofing services and drain systems, this is one in the same.

Waterproofing: How It Works

Waterproofing your home is a method of figuring out the source of the problem and resolving the situation. When you have excess water that infiltrates through concrete, our priority is to secure and seal these areas while giving the basement a chance to redirect rising water tables. Mitigating the flow of water is essential to protecting your basement from water damages and structural degradation. We accomplish this through our patented systems that are specifically engineered to divert water around your home and into a sump pump.

The Products We Use

Our water control track system is a non-invasive, low profile system that helps mitigate water leaks. These mostly consist of smaller leaks that will most indefinitely be redirected with our drain track system. Our track water control system has been installed without any excavation necessary. This drain can be installed a lot simpler than our other systems, and is valuable for families in the early stages of basement leaks.

Our waterproofing draining system is highly efficient, that needs minor excavation for the installation process. This system goes underneath your basement slab to redirect more water - draining larger amounts of water than our smaller system. We select this system if your basement water problems are a bit more advanced than other homes.

Our complete waterproofing system with our multi-flow exterior drains is engineered to handle very serious water problems. Where water leaks has become a larger issue from various sources and variable reasons, we use the complete waterproofing system to grant the best safeguard. This system uses the same methods and components from our waterproofing draining system, however we add-on the multi-flow system that will mitigate the greater proportions of water leaks.

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When you need the greatest basement waterproofing services, get with our team that delivers basement flooding and water-related problems. Our team offers complete waterproofing by administering reliable drainage systems that are efficient for waterproofing solutions. Gerton homeowners are can contact us for any of our services, and receive a free estimate.

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