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We are certified experts that can give homeowners repairs for flooding, leaky wall cracks, and poor drainage. Using waterproofing products and drains, we integrate a very specific installation that directly repairs different extremities of water. In every situation we encounter, our team prioritizes the crucial elements of safeguarding against excess water, water draining, basement wall protection, and removing the threats entirely. When you need professional help with basement waterproofing, our contractors can turn any flooded basement in Burnsville, NC into a more adequate, safe, and dry living space for years to come.

How We Do Business

After many years of experience, our experts has proven to be a renowned provider of basement waterproofing services and drain systems. Our company wishes to help homeowners with a caring attitude, while we put into action excellent waterproofing services with precision and accuracy. If you're experiencing a dire circumstance, we do our best to express as much empathy as we can to help homeowners through these circumstances. With waterproofing and drain systems, this constitutes the same.

Assessing Basement Leaks & Repairs

Basement waterproofing is the process of figuring out the source of the problem and repairing the problem. When you have excess water that infiltrates through concrete, our first step is to secure and seal where water has leaked inside while providing a way to mitigated extra water underground. Redirecting the flow of water is essential to protecting your home and concrete deterioration. This is achieved through our patented systems that are designed to mitigate water away from your concrete and into a sump pump.

Basement Waterproofing Systems That Work

The track water control system is a simple, low profile system that provides draining for water leaks. These are usually minor leaks that will most indefinitely be easily apprehended with this particular drain. Our track water control system has been installed with no digging needed. This can be installed much easier than our other systems, and can be the best option for residents with very minor incidents of basement leaks.

Our waterproofing draining system takes a step further, which consist of minor excavation for the installation and integration. The waterproofing draining system is installed below your basement slab to redirect more water - disposing of larger amounts of water than the track water control system. It might be a batter solution if your surrounding water circumstance are more threatening than other homes.

Our complete waterproofing system with our multi-flow exterior drains is designed for the most dire of circumstances. When water leaks has manifested into a larger issue from exceptional overflow, we install the complete waterproofing system to provide the ultimate protection. It utilizes similar concepts and system parts from our waterproofing draining system, however we add-on the multi-flow drains that can handle the greater proportions of water flow.

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If you're looking for the greatest basement waterproofing services, get with our team that delivers basement leaks and water-related problems. We provide complete waterproofing using reliable drainage systems that are efficient for waterproofing solutions. Schedule an appointment today for any product details or questions, and determine the best course of action.

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