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Our team is reliable experts that specializes in wet basements, concrete cracks, and flooded drains. Using patented basement drains, we utilize a unique system installation that provides solutions for different extremities of water leaks. For any type of contracting we come across, our team focuses on the crucial elements of safeguarding against excess water, water redirection, foundation stability, and solidifying your homes' waterproofing. Through our services of basement waterproofing, we can make wet basements in Burnsville, NC into a more adequate, safe, and dry living space for many decades down the road.

A Reliable Waterproofing Company

After many years of experience, our team is considered a renowned provider of basement waterproofing services and drain systems. We truly wish to assist residents with absolute care, while we strive to provide the best of services quickly and effectively. When you have a serious problem, we try to express as much compassion as we can to assist families through these hardships. With our waterproofing, this is one in the same.

Wet Basement Solutions

Waterproofing your home is a method of identifying your home's weaknesses and making them better. When you have excess water that infiltrates into your basement, our job is to secure and seal where water has leaked inside while establishing a means to divert rising water tables. Diverting the flow of water is a critical process for protecting your home and potential structural problems. Our team completes this through the installation of our waterproofing systems that are designed to divert water underneath your basement and flow the excess into a sump pump system.

Interior & Exterior Waterproofing Drains

Our water control track system is a non-invasive, interior drain that provides draining for excess water. These are generally minor leaks that will certainly be easily apprehended with our drain track system. Our track water control system is also designed to be installed with no digging needed. Our track water control system can be installed much easier than other drains we carry, and is valuable for homeowners with very minor incidents of basement leaks.

The waterproofing draining system takes a step further, requiring some small amount of digging for the installation and integration. This system is installed below the basement floor to mitigate even more water - draining larger amounts of water than the track water control system. We select this system if your basement water circumstance are more threatening than other homes.

Our complete waterproofing system with our multi-flow drainage system is engineered to handle the most dire of circumstances. Where water has become a major problem from exceptional overflow, we install the complete waterproofing system to grant the ultimate protection. This system uses familiar techniques and system parts from our waterproofing draining system, however we add-on the multi-flow drains that can handle the greater proportions of water leaks.

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If you're looking for the greatest basement waterproofing services, contact us today that delivers wet basement issues and water-related problems. Our company provides complete waterproofing by administering advanced drainage systems that are efficient for waterproofing solutions. Schedule an appointment today for any of our services, and receive a free estimate.

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